The Madonna of the Streets

The Madonna of the Streets 





1:00 Sing Mary, Pure and Lowly

In 1896, around the region of Padua, Italy artist Roberto Ferruzzi saw a young peasant girl, Angelina Cian, caring for her little brother.  Ferruzzi was moved to paint a portrait of the little girl.

He had not intended the painting to be of the Blessed Mother, but because the girl looked like a little Madonna he called it La Madonnina.  The painting was first exhibited in Venice in 1897.  As it gained worldwide fame, it affectionately became known as The Madonna of the Streets.

Angelina married Antonio Bovo and moved to America in 1906.  Angelina had ten children, several who have returned to Italy to visit their mother’s famous beginnings.

She died in the 1970’s.


It is not known where the original painting is now, but its last owner, John Leishman, died in France in 1924.



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