Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 16 Mount Carmel, Israel

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


2:00 Hail, Queen of Heaven

On July 16, 1251, Mary appeared to St. Simon Stock, a member of the Carmelite Order, as he prayed to her for the continuation of the Order.  She presented to him a brown scapular, in imitation of the sleeveless outer garment of a monk’s habit.  Mary said that the scapular was a sign of salvation and that whoever died wearing the scapular would not suffer the eternal fire. 

The Carmelite Order began on Mount Carmel sometime during the twelfth century by hermits living there in imitation of the prophet Elijah and in devotion to the Blessed Mother.  The motto of the Order is from the words of Elijah: “I am filled with zeal for the Lord, the God of Hosts” (King 19:10).

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is also known as “Star of the Sea” a title that developed out of the little cloud that rose from the sea as Elijah prayed.  Chrysippus of Jerusalem called her the “Cloud of rain that offers drink to the souls of the Saints.”

At the last apparition at Fatima, Mary also appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel holding out the brown scapular.  


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