Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, December 8 Basilica of San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico

Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos


3:00 Oh Maria, Madre Mia


In 1623 a young girl who was performing on a trapeze of sorts that was situated over swords and knives, fell to her death.  The parents wrapped the body in burial cloths and took her to the chapel of Our Lady of San Juan.  The wife of the caretaker was so moved by the grieving parents that she took the statue and laid it on the child’s body.  When the body began to move the parents unwrapped their child to find her alive and without injuries.

The statue was in poor condition and the father asked if he could take the statue and have it repaired.  An artist in Guadalajara was employed to do the work.  The statue was restored beautifully, but the artist vanished, with his whereabouts and identity always remaining a mystery.  In 1732 a larger church had to be built to accommodate visitors, who approach the statue on their knees. 







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