Our Lady of Perpetual Help, June 27 Church of St. Alphonsus, Rome, Italy

Our Lady of Perpetual Help


11:00 Gentle Women

Believed to be from the thirteenth of fourteenth century from the island of Crete.  In 1499 it was placed in the Church of St. Mathew on Esquiline Hill in Rome.  The church was destroyed in 1798 under orders from Napoleon.  In 1853, at the request of Pope Pius 1X, the Redemptorist Fathers built a church next to those remains.  A priest learned of the saved image’s whereabouts and asked the Pope to have the painting returned to where it had been for almost 300 years.  Pius recalled having prayed before that very painting as a boy.  The Pope commissioned the Order to preach devotion to Mary under this image.

The Greek letters next to Mary’s crown are “Mother of God”

next to the child        =       Jesus Christ

letters on the left       =       St. Michael the Archangel

letters on the right    =       St. Gabriel the Archangel

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