Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12 The Basilica of Guadalupe, Mexico City, Mexico

Our Lady of Guadalupe


6:00 Las Apariciones Gudalupanas


In 1531 as Juan Diego, an Aztec Indian, was traveling through the Tepeyac hill country in central Mexico, Mary appeared to him.  She told him that she loved him and desired that he know who she was, the mother of the true God, who gives life.  She promised to console all who implore her help and that they would be at peace.  She asked him to go to the bishop in Tenochtitlan with her request that a church be built on this spot.  Mary was waiting when Juan Diego returned, he told her that the bishop would only consider her request and that maybe she should send someone else.  Mary told him that it was he she had chosen and that he should go back to the bishop and repeat her request.

The bishop asked Juan Diego for a sign from the Lady to prove who she was.  Mary’s response to Juan Diego was “My little Son, am I not your Mother?  Do not fear, the Bishop shall have his sign.”  Though it was winter, Mary told Juan Diego to pick roses that were growing there and she arranged them inside of his tilma.  When Juan Diego opened his tilma to the bishop and others, the roses fell out, and there, on the inside of the tilma, was a picture of Mary exactly as Juan Diego had described her.  The tilma now hangs over the alter in the Basilica.  Made of cactus cloth, it has not disintegrated, nor has the image faded in over 470 years. 



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The Immaculate Heart of Mary, June, Saturday after the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Immaculate Heart of Mary, June, Saturday after the Sacred Heart of Jesus


4:00 O Sanctissima

Many writers in the Church have spoken of the “Heart” of Mary, especially in conjunctions with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Devotion increased after Mary’s appearances in 1830 to St. Catherine in France and in 1917 to the children at Fatima.

The vision of the miraculous medal given to St. Catherine contained Mary’s heart pierced as referenced in Luke 2:35.  It was at Fatima that Mary said God wished to establish in the world devotion to her “Immaculate Heart,” and when she asked that Russia be consecrated to her “Immaculate Heart.”

In 1942, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mary’s appearances at Fatima, Pope Pius XX II consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The feast day is now celebrated on the Saturday following the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On that day the opening liturgical prayer is:

God prepared the heart of Mary as a fitting home to the Holy Spirit.  May we, his chosen people, become temples of His glory.  We ask Mary to help us – her spiritual children, so dear to her heart, to stay ever united in friendship with her Son and never separate ourselves by sin.

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Blessed Mother Mary

Whenever Mary appears or inspires, it is in a manner that is recognizable to that person, hence the many different images of Mary, and yet, each one brings inspiration and blessing to us all.  Mary comes to us to bring the message of peace, to remind us of the peace and salvation that is ours through her son, Jesus Christ.  Mary also tells us who she is, most lovingly, as when she said to Juan Diego “Am I not your Mother?” These are just twelve of the depictions of Mary.  The documentations of the miracles and grace that have been received from Our Lady in conjunction with these images read as awesome events in human history. 

The form of Prayer Mary most often urges us to use is the Rosary, a collection of Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s, traditionally seen as having been given by her to St, Dominic in the eleventh century.

The Hail Mary begins with the words from Luke 1:28, 42; 

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you

Blessed are you among women and

Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus

 Holy Mary, Mother of God Pray for us children

Now and at the hour of out death, Amen

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